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Secure and Convenient Bill Payment Options


                      Introducing Pay Now  


-   Fast One-Time Electric Bill Payment   -   No Registration Required


  • Pay Now provides an online payment alternative to SmartHub
  • Easy online bill payment, no registration required to login
  • Streamlines the quick payment process, use your electric account number and last name or business name to access your account for payment
  • If a match is found, the Pay Now Account Screen will be displayed with details of amount due
  • If a match is not found, you will receive an error message
  • Pay the total amount due or change the Pay Amount field to make a partial payment
  • No stored payment information, credit card or checking account information entered each time a payment is made
  • Simply click on the Pay Now hyperlink located on the menu bar


Please call 800-463-4922 or 701-463-2291, to speak with an electric billing representative if you have questions.


Do you want to become a director?

Have you ever thought of running for a seat on the board of directors? It is quite simple. Pick up a petition at the McLean Electric Cooperative Headquarters in Garrison and Secure 15 signatures of members from within your district. You can start circulating the petition right way, but it must be filed not less than 60 days before the annual meeting.  Petitions for the 2014 director election must be filled with the co-op by Thursday, April 17th.

According to the bylaws, any member of McLean Electric Cooperative who is a member of this cooperative as a bona fide resident of the district he/she represents, and is in no way employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise can become a candidate for the board of directors.  Directors shall be elected by the members at large.


Director Duties

Directors have a fiduciary responsibility to the cooperative. They exercise care, time and responsibility in reviewing cooperative matters.  Directors treat cooperative business as if it were their own.

Directors devote a certain amount of time to the cooperative. At a minimum, a director attends each monthly board meeting.  Directors learn about the industry as a whole by reading other materials and by attending state and national meetings.  An understanding of the issues facing the industry is vital.

To help directors with their responsibilities, training is offered though the electrical cooperative’s statewide organization.  Courses cover director duties and liabilities, understanding the electric business, board roles and relationships, strategic planning and financial decision making. Directors currently serving the cooperative find the duty extremely rewarding.

This year the districts up for election are District 2, which includes the townships of Douglas, Blue Hill, Gate, Roseglen, St. Mary, Black Water, and several unorganized townships located in west central McLean County. Ron Bloom currently serves district 2.  District 7 includes the many of the unorganized townships of southern Mclean County including Mercer Township.  Agnes Jennings currently serves District 7. 


Q: How much will carbon-capture technology cost YOU? 
A: > 70 percent!

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Please help us keep your electric bills affordable.  Leaders in Washington are beginning to discuss how they can use the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon dioxide emmissions from power plants. The problem that exisits is that the EPA wants a one size fits all approach. Unfortunatley, that technology is extreamly expensive and has not been proven to lower the emmissions from our power plants.  Many American communities depend on coal-based generation for affordable electric power. Using the Clean Air Act to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants could disproportionately burden these communities.  for more information please go to and see how you can help keep your electicty affordable.